As a leading designer of private label footwear and handbags, Fortune Footwear focuses on four design fundamentals.


Fortune Footwear strives to be innovative within the structure of current fashion trends. We understand you want sought after women’s footwear and handbags, and that’s why our designers pay attention to forecasted fashions.


Trends and innovation are important, but specification is key. We produce women’s footwear and handbags that meet your particular criteria.

We start by producing sketches and computer aided design concepts. This process allows us to customize products to meet your needs and to provide detailed instructions to sample room technicians.


Unlike other companies, we don’t just offer one type of women’s shoe or one type of handbag. Fortune has a variety of product to choose from in synthetic or leather materials including:

  • Dress shoes, casuals, boots, and slippers
  • Totes, hobos, satchels, shoulder bags and small accessories


Our design studio houses a library of over 200 lasts and heels along with the latest materials. In order to build this library, our team shops the market and travels far and wide to find the trims, components and materials to customize your product development.

In all we do, we strive for customer satisfaction and look forward to mutual success. To learn more about our private label design process, contact us.