The buzz

“We wanted to thank you for another wonderful development trip. It is our absolute favorite part of the job to come to region and work closely with you on the product. You are the manufacturing experts, so it’s an added bonus that we always learn so much from you too. The product just keeps getting stronger and stronger and we are so excited to present Spring 13!! We are expecting an incredible response and you will be the first ones to hear the feedback. Thank you so much for all the hard work and passion that goes into producing the VS line, we know it’s no easy task. Please share our appreciation with the rest of the office and our incredible factories…you really are miracle workers. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!”
– Senior Designer from Major Fashion Catalog
“The new Fall 2010 shoe assortment is really astounding! The samples looked like nothing I have ever seen. The diversity in materials is the best it has ever been and both the leather and PU styles looked great. I will worry no more as there is so much ammunition to get us to a record breaking 2010 Fall season. Congratulations to Design, Merchandising and our partners for bringing this to fruition”
– Vice President Major Fashion Catalog
“Your professionalism and guidance allows me to give my customer the best. Thank you.”
– Shopping Network Buyer
“Fortune Footwear is second to none in private label development and sourcing.”
– Catalog Buyer
“Thank you for on-time service and tracking my order. As soon as the product hit the floor, it was gone. We have to reorder immediately; give me your best date.”
– European Department Store Buyer
“Thanks for keeping an eye on our production. These shoes sold well and we appreciate your help. Thank your office for a job well done. First time a vendor and the shoes came through inspection without a problem. Great job.”
– Chain Store Buyer
“Thank you for knowing what product my customer wants. I enjoyed developing with your team. You are the perfect solution.”
– Celebrity for Network Television
“Your creativity and original product make us stand out among the brands. Thanks for your design ideas and great product.”
– Developer & Buyer for Handbags
“Good job. Thanks for sharing. We are getting a good reaction to these and we have a big sale breaking tomorrow, and we are confident they will perform well. Thanks for showing such good interest in our business. It means a lot.”
– Developer for Brand Footwear
“You and your team have been wonderful business partners and we sincerely look forward to continued great business.”
– Chain Store Buyer